Happy SPRING!!! WOO HOO! This weekend we had Ed's birthday party and it was based on the CMYK lanterns. So, naturally I wanted to color coordinate everything.  It only seemed natural, since the theme was color, right? I noticed the last time I made funfetti cookies, the boys love them, that the funfetti was really just colored jimmies you sprinkled in the mix. Then I saw the deliciousness that is SWEETAPOLITA's cupcakes HERE and had to try a cheater version for myself. BTW, if you haven't seen Rosie's blog before, be ready to be very, VERY hungry.

I used vanilla cake mix out of the box, this one is really good, and added equal amounts of blue, pink and yellow jimmies.  In case you are wondering, jimmies are the long style sprinkles, as shown here. You can buy single colors at your local cake decorating shop or bribe your store bakery to sell some separate. I've gotten icing and sprinkles galore straight from the gals at the bakery many times. You might get weird looks, but usually they are more than happy to help, and you usually get a great deal...99 cents for a tub of sprinkles anyone?

Mix your cake mix per the box instructions, stir in jimmies, bake and voila. Custom funfetti colors. Easy peasy.