I was cruising the aisles of the bookstore, one of my favorite things to do, and I happened upon this...

I have mixed emotions about wedding books, but this is not your typical wedding book. It is STUNNING, and GORGEOUS and I want to own two copies so I can cut one up and frame them.  Seriously.  Matthew Robbins Design is a top name in wedding design, he's a major player in weddings and he's one of Martha's go-to guys. But, let's say you don't follow that hub-bub, but you love parties. Buy his newest book, INSPIRED WEDDINGS, it is to die for.  I love to look at books. I buy many merely because they are pretty.  Looking at my shelves, you would think I am a much better cook than I really am.  I buy books simply because they are beautiful. This is one of those. I wish I could say the text is equally stunning, truth is, my budget was busted at ALT, totally worth it, but I haven't bought my copy yet, but my guess is yes. 

The photography and styling is from THUSS + FARRELL, my newest/oldest obsession.  Ever pick something up and say oh, man I love this...and then find out who did it and your mind clicks and says, oh yeah, that's why...they are AWESOME! Stylist Rebecca Thuss is married to equally beyond talented Patrick Farrell.  The result...pure eye candy.