We are counting down the days until THE LORAX comes out. I think I might be as excited as the boys. It was one of my favorite books as a kid, and the trailer for the movie is amazing. One week to go! While we watched the trailer for the umpteenth time yesterday, I thought the trees looked surpisingly like cotton candy. Thus the idea for edible truffula tree cupcake toppers were born.

Of course, I will do anything that makes me "have" to bake cupcakes.  Take a tuft of cotton candy and stick it on half of a striped paper straw.  How fun would this be for a whole party? A forest of truffula trees? I could only find blue and pink cotton candy in the easter section. If you have one of those home cotton candy machines, you could "tuft" each straw individually in the pretty yellows and oranges, too!