Ever foiled anything? I was wandering the streets with Megan of NOT MARTHA and we discussed foiling glasses and vases. I think I have found my new craft wanderer...what is a craft wanderer? Someone who you don't have to bribe to wander aimlessly looking for inspiration and enjoys gawking at craft supplies as much as you.  She is the first one I have found that I actually live by.  I am in heaven and she is the sweetest thing ever,  LOVE her! I loved all the cute shops she brought us to in Ballard. She told me some secret sources for felt, pretty real wool felt, and she even sent me an email with links of sources mentioned on our trip.

Anyhoo, we both decided we needed the FOILING KIT from Martha Stewart Crafts. I couldn't stop thinking of it and grabbed one ASAP. These silvered necklaces/favors/garlands were the result.

You can pretty much bet that something in each room of my house will be foiled by the end of the week. It will be epic. Sorry, that word is funny, I can't stop using it.  Ed and I read some comment that the "ninties were epic, man" and it is just a running joke in our house now.  The ninties were NOT epic, sorry. Oh no, now bad nineties songs are running in my head...crap. is funny, right? Maybe it is just me, nevermind. Go see my tutorial for these bad boys HERE on THE SWEETEST OCCASION.