Let me first mention, I want those green glasses.  I have a similar set in bright turquoise and I would kill for these to add to the collection. They have a milkglass interior that just makes the bright colors pop. I got mine from my mom, who said she got them at Bloomingdales in the 60s. If ANYONE knows where I can find more, please let me know. 

Back to business, I am ready for spring. These rainy/cloudy days need to scoot and bring in some flowers. I have never been one for pastels, despite my affinity for coral and mint green. I will mention, that if I did use them, I would use them with some of these brights. Bold like primary colors, but not so perfect. Forget summer fetes. I need a candy colored spring party. 

Source: The Double Day Book Of Interior Decorating, 1965