You have seen the large boxes of jingle bells that happen to be everywhere this time of year, but those colors? I mean seriously? Maybe my sense of color is off the beaten path, but I happen to like it that way. Pink for Christmas? Yes, bring all the shades. I usually use spray paint to color everything, that's how the gold bells happened, but sometimes it is too cold or it rains all day everyday. In Seattle, you say? No way. I had to find another way. Another problem with spray paint? Good luck finding the right color 100% of the time. Sometimes you win and sometimes you stare at the aisle wondering why there are 5 shades of baby mauve pink and no pretty colors. 

I decided to try craft paint but was worried because it takes many many layers to cover up something dark. Light colors, like pink, just don't coat as well, you really need a primer. I LOVE Martha Stewart's Gesso Primer. Cover the bell with one thin coat of primer and let dry. Why use a primer? It "adds tooth" which means it bonds well to the surface and then allows paint to grab on to it, a must for painting metal bells. After the primer is dry, paint on two thin coats of color, letting dry between coats.

In no time at all, I had a set of awesome GIANT jingle bells. Paint the giants any color you like and sprinkle around your home for added pops of color.

Oh, and the world's easiest placesetting for the holidays? Put a bell on it.

Wondering where I got the giant bells? I found these bad boys at Hobby Lobby, but it was early in the season and when I went back for more last week they were all gone. Boo.

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