Even if you don't decorate for New Year's, here are a few super simple DIYs to make some fun drink stirrers for tonight. You could also make smaller versions for appetizer picks. These DIYs are so quick and easy you might even get a great idea to make something completely different.

I'm not the first to make a glitter topped stir stick, but I did figure out a way to keep the glitter in the container. If you have ever worked with glitter, you know it is pretty messy. For these stir sticks, just paint the end of a bamboo skewer with glue and stick the end in a jar of glitter. Walk away, let dry about 30 mins and pop it out. Tap lightly over the jar of glitter and voila. Instant fun. I used the big chunky (and super cheap-o) glitter for mine.

If you happen to have some wood blocks lying around, or a quick stop to the craft shop, make these geometric cocktail sticks. I used 80 grit sandpaper and flattened one of the corners of the block. Holding the block with pliers on a flat surface, drill a hole in the center of the flattened corner. Blow out dust, add wood glue and insert a bamboo skewer. Let dry. You could paint these but I kind of like the plain wood look.

And last but not least, grab those thin black cocktail stirring straws and add a square of mylar to the top. Fold the square, about 1.5" wide, in half diagonally making sure to NOT line up the corners. Top a stirrer with a piece of double stick tape or a Glue Dot. Place stirrer in the center of the folded square and bring one corner up to the top center. Roll stirrer towards the corner and cinch with fingers. Play around with it, but they look best if each one is slightly different. I said these were easy DIYs, no need to be perfect on the last day of the year, right?


How will you ring in the new year? We usually watch the New York version on TV and call it a night. Ah, the excitement of it all! Have a happy and safe New Year's! Here's to wishing you great love and luck in 2013!