Ah, to firinge or not to fringe. I know we all agree it looks awesome, but do we also agree that it is such a pain to make? Lucky for you, I have a lazy streak and always search out the easiest ways to make something. This time, if you fringe a large poster board using strips of fringe and then cut out the letters (or shapes) you can have a fringed letter in about half the time. I like this method because it keeps my fringe lines even, I might be lazy but I like things to line up. DIY fringe letters are easy to make and now you can have a few poster boards lined up in your party closet for impromtu garland making.

Want to know a secret? This DIY began as a fringed paper mache letter garland. I fringed and refringed a letter that I got from the craft store and finally revamped it. My first problem was trying to fringe with thin mylar, anyone have a source for the thick stuff? Second, I could not find a way that was EASY to show you. Yes, you can fringe a 3-D letter, but oh what a hassle. I bet the huge letters would be easier but be prepared for the time involved. I hate giving up, so don't be surprised if I find a way. Don't worry, I'll show you if I do!

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