I've been sprinkling one of my favorite series here on H+H about so you can get a peek into the party staches of some of the best party planners out there. Are you ready for one more? Victoria from A Subtle Revelry loves to share simple but beautiful ways to celebrate the everyday. She has one of the greatest taglines around...the art of merrymaking!

Her projects and delightful ideas will guide you into living the best life you can, because who doesn't need some little polka dots in their life? (I'm obsessed with these green polka dot glasses she made btw.)  Shall we learn her secrets? Take it away Victoria!

My top three party necessities:

1) Honeycomb balls... I used them recently for a baby shower and just bought a stash of 60 for something fun this fall. You can never have too many honeycombs lying around and finding vintage ones is the best!
2) Small pretty jars.... for favors, tiny drinks, sweets, flowers. You can use these beauties for anything!
3) Woven poofs... We have a set of these that have been used for everything! They are perfect to stack and pull out whenever there is a gathering. Sit them under a coffee table for an outdoor party or throw them around the living room for a movie night.

Thank you so much Victoria for sharing these great sources! I'm off to get little lidded jars, why? Because not only are they cute, but did you see the color? That's a nice shade of green.