It's that time of year again, when we hear winter wonderland in our heads and dream of sugar plums. I thought I would share a little snow backdrop that I recently used for a photoshoot for some of my holiday DIYs. It's a bit messy but extremely easy and the end result looks pretty great. I love it so much I have saved the board for later use this season. Brides, think of this large scale on a large piece of plywood, how fun would that be?

You will need: a bag of big flake fake snow, mod podge, and a white foam core board.

Lay your board out flat and open that jar of mod podge. Pour out a bit and spread it thinly with your fingers. Those who don't like mess, you could use a paint brush but you have to work really fast. You want to cover the whole board before any spots dry. Once done, wash your hands really quick and come back to pour the entire bag of snow over the board.  Spread and press down around the board, making sure each section is covered evenly. Let dry overnight or a few hours.  Once dry, lift up and tap on one end, shaking off the excess snow.


Ta-da!  You now have your own snow covered backdrop ready for your next tabletop photo shoot for your Etsy shop or DIY beauty shots. I told you it was easy!

Note: Store this board in a large trash bag, it will shed flakes here and there and this keeps it neat and tidy in your prop room aka craft cave / spare bedroom.