I've admitted it before. I love the colors of fall and we have had the most beautiful fall I have ever seen in Seattle this year. I still don't want burnt sienna and brown and yellow in my house. Sorry. No go. Now bring me some gold with mint green, pink and a hot pop of red orange and I'm a happy girl. Traditional, no. Fun and different, yes. Check out this easy as pie acorn garland I made for Julep, the new blog from Minted. You can turn these brightly colored acorns into a garland like I show here in the DIY or you can sprinkle them around the table as decor. Either way it is a modern take on the seemingly unchanging decor for fall. It is about time we spunked it up a bit, isn't it?

If you haven't heard the news that Minted has a new blog and it is awesome (and I am not just saying that because I contribute there) go check it out ASAP.

It's a holiday week, so be prepared to be stuffed...full of eye candy and DIYs. I've made more DIYs than I have days so be prepared!