Recently I worked on a little secret project for the amazing Joy, of Oh Joy. She just published a new book, Blog Inc.,  that is beyond amazing and full of helpful tips and tricks for blogging awesomeness, I highly recommend it. One of the pieces of that secret project (more to be revealed later) were some giant plastic animals. What to my surprise, the pretty gold ones, always a favorite where ever they go, landed right in her living room! These golden lovelies were pictured on Oh Joy AND Emily Henderson's blog.  Is it weird that I just stare at the posts in awe? Joy's living room is just gorgeous and I'm beyond thrilled to be in it.

Let's play a little game of find the gold animals, shall we?


I love the idea of having pretty things in your living room that are safe if little ones pull it off the shelf. You should go check out the full post to baby-proof your home and still have it be beautiful. I personally love the console table idea. Don't forget to read Emily's take on it and her ideas here, she is a riot and if you aren't reading her blog yet you should.


Is it crazy that I am posting on a weekend? Do you have more time to browse the aisles here? If you want me to keep posting, let me know below in the comments. I will warn you, if I post on the weekends, that means there will be no posts sometime during the week like Tuesday or Wednesday, hey I'm not superwoman.