It's here, it's here. The first day of November and you know what that means? It means that I can officially start talking about tinsel without sounding like a nut. November means the beginning of the entertaining season with parties and family and baked goods a plenty. Is your pantry ready? I started a little early in my baking spree and noticed that I was short on quite a few things. This meant about 5 different shopping trips as each ingredient ran out at a different time in various recipes. So my tip for you? Take inventory today. Check out all of your ingredients and make sure you know how much is in each. If you are like me, there are a few go to recipes that you use over and over throughout the season. Write down what you need and hit the store running. Be sure to chuck those things like chocolate chips and coconut that might still be there from last year...oops.

Here is a little checklist of what I have gone to the store for in the last two weeks. I think it is pretty standard and you can make a bazillion different recipes from these. Keep your pantry stocked and you can make practically anything on a moments notice this season, we usually make cookies on a whim. I hope it helps and let's make our holidays delicious!