I know it seems like I have a thing for spiders, when in fact I am terrified of them. I have had a recurring nightmare about a spider chasing me since I was little. You would think that I would swear off spider decor for Halloween, but it is quite the opposite. I kind of love it, especially when it isn't the scientifically acurate (read: not real looking) kind. A perfect example? A simple lantern decorated with fringe to hang over your dessert table. Slightly spooky, but more fun than freaky. My kind of spider, kind of like daddy long legs in real life.

Random fact: did your mom ever tell you that daddy long legs are actually incredibly poisonous and they can't bite humans because their fangs are too small? Yep, not true. They have venom but just aren't very poisonous. Isn't that funny? I'm still telling the boys the myth anyway, for the sake of childhood awesomeness.

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