I just thought this was funny, SWHW means Something Went Horribly Wrong, and I read it in an article of Martha Stewart Living. It was referring to that stack of uh-ohs and unfinished projects that everyone has in the back of their craft closet. Here is my most recent edition. When I was making the candy birthday numbers, I thought a chocolate version (actually candy melts) would be delicious and fun since I would be able to outline the number with one color and have the number be another. I was loving hot pink and blue and was very excited.

I set up my shots, melted my white candy melts and styled my food coloring bottles. Yes, for DIYs I do actually think about the placement of the food coloring bottles.

When you mix food coloring with candy melts it doesn't work. It doesn't work in the most horrid way. The smooth melted chocolate, it's not real chocolate, turned hard and chunky. Unmeltable and unpourable. A terrible weird chemical reaction, what are these things made out of that causes this? Bad. I thought maybe it was the type of food coloring. Silly me. It wasn't.

This would be why there are no instructions anywhere to make your own colors for cake pops. Duh. My question is, why doesn't anyone say "DON"T TRY THIS!" Well I am. Don't. While I am still unsure what happened chemically and I am a bit scared of candy melts, it certainly didn't keep me from eating the rest of the bag. Yep, I'll probably die early from them, or be well preserved into my ninties.

What have you done lately that hasn't worked? Epic #DIYFAIL