This is easy folks. I swear. I have been promising you this DIY for a while now and I have finally edited the photos! If you have been chomping at the bit, don't worry, it's finally here. This is just a cool alternative to those not so adorbable birthday candles they sell at the grocery store. You could eat it, but that is kind of crazy.

You will need:

birthday candle mold (who knew they sold these?)

Jolly Ranchers

cookie sheet

plastic sandwich bags

kitchen pounder 

cutting board

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Pick through your package of Jolly Ranchers and choose the color you want. Unwrap the candies and place them in one plastic bag. Seal and place that inside a second plastic bag. Place bag on top of cutting board and whack it to smithereens. Side note: warn your family before doing this or they will come running into the kitchen to see what happened.

Fill your mold to the top, and a little above the top, with the crushed candies. Place filled mold on a cookie sheet and stick into the preheated oven. Set the timer for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, keep it in the oven, but start watching it like a hawk. You are looking for bubbles to rise to the top, almost frothy, but not overflowing, before you take it out of the oven. This can happen from anywhere around 2 to 10 minutes more. If you do not watch it, it will boil over. If this happens, carefully take it out and let cool.  Once you have bubbles, take this carefully out and place it on a cooling rack away from the edge and little hands. This is LIQUID CANDY and is incredibly hot. Do not touch it and let it cool for about an hour until hardened.

Once cool pop it out and stick it on a cupcake. Voila.

This DIY was made possible by AT&T. They had the wonderful idea to see "what you do with what we do" and how I use technology everyday to bring my DIYs to life. They were generous enough to buy the supplies to make these candy toppers. You can see my whole process and how I used technology to create this tutorial here.  A huge THANK YOU to AT&T for making this possible.