Keep it simple. Fall decorating is about bringing in some of the changing colors from nature and doesn't have to have a turkey or jack-o-lantern. Here are just a few pretty and unusual gourds we picked  on our pumpkin patch adventure. I arranged them randomly on two of my favorite cake stands. When using sets of cake stands, remember you don't have to use them ALL at the same time. Variation in sizes makes it interesting, and here I used the smallest with the largest so I could get the most room around the bottom edges. If you can love pumpkins, this little green guy on top is my favorite this year. Look at that stem, it is perfect. Look for gourds with neat curvy stems or perfect short ones. Look for different shades of traditional colors. This year, even grocery stores are carrying some beautiful gourds and pumpkins.

A side note, these little spiders and some of my halloween printables were included in a round up by PEOPLE magazine. Yep, that People.