Here is a look into my secret toolbox, moss sheets are amazing backdrops. Amazing. They are messy and will make a mess all over the floor or tabletop, but the end results are completely worth it. It is a great backdrop to have in the arsenal. Moss is sold in rolls, about $15 without my usual coupon and is about 2 feet wide, perfect for on top of the white board I usually shoot on. I just unrolled it out on to the tabletop, remember I shoot on the boys' little Ikea playtable.

I love the bright green and texture. Since the moss is a natural green it comes across as a neutral. I love it so much I actually have to restrain myself from using it everywhere. It is very outdoorsy and the styling and crafts that you can use it with are limited.

The roll would make a great alternative to a table runner or to top a dessert buffet. Just remember to put the moss on first, away from food or even dishes, and then clean up. Every time you move the stuff it gets messy again.  As long as it sits flat on a table, with no overhanging edges, you should be ok.

Another idea? Hot glue a sheet to a white board for a vertical moss wall backdrop, which would be very pretty. Remember to store it in a large garbage bag or it will be everywhere. I keep mine as a roll in the original packaging.  What unusual things have you found to be great backdrops?