You've seen it before, the amazing teacup sitting all alone at the thrift store. You want to take it home but you don't know what you will use it for. I have the solution, use it as a planter for a mini plant. There are terrariums everywhere and they all use succulents, but at some upscale nurseries, you can find tiny plants like this teeny houseplant. It reminds me a bit of hostas, which is one of our favorite plants at casa H+H.  You should hear the boys say HhhhAAAAASTAAA and Henry gets especially excited about the varigated variety. Truth be told, he taught me that when the leaves are white around the edges, that means the leaves are varigated. See, you learn new stuff here, everyday. It's what keeps you coming back for more, right? Right?

I made this little favor as a DIY for Ruffled and I keep him on my counter with my other mini plants. One is even in a mini milkglass creamer and I have started a little mini garden. Another bonus? I keep my garden next to my kitchen sink. So far, since they are planted so adorably, I am remembering to water them, no deaths yet. We had a close call but I brought him back, which is a first.

A tip you can take into the holiday entertaining season? Use different containers to hold something they weren't intended for. Use a gravy boat to hold macarons, use goblets to hold individual portions of dessert, use a teacup as a planter. Switch it up and make it interesting. Even the mundane can be made fun and exciting with a small tweak.