Let's begin September with a little inspiration and a giveaway...I was approached to try some new software, and since I love finding alternative ways of doing things on the cheap, I said yes. I know not everyone can afford to have Illustrator or Photoshop just lying around so they can make their blog posts pretty. That is why I was so intrigued by My Memories.  Yes, it is technically digital scrapbooking software, but what is digital scrapbooking if not a collage? Those beautiful blog images are a collage, too.  Now, you trusted me with digital scrapbook paper, it's not just for mamas creating photo keepsakes. With My Memories, you can manipulate and create one of a kind blog posts using ALL kinds of images and downloaded goodies.  Don't believe me?

I made both collages today with the software. I think my favorite part about this software, is the automatic resizing of images. You pick a template, drag in a photo, and voila it's in the template. Super simple.  What's even can edit how you want the picture cropped once it is in the template. Picasa...can you hear me???


I also love that you can use any, yes, ANY digital goody in your design. You just add it as easily as a picture. This made my heart happy, because I am mildly addicted to Pugly Pixel and Besotted goodies, which I used in the below image. My Memories has a slew of goodies that come with the software, like the background and string in #2. Most, I will warn you, are digitally illustrated, which isn't really my style...but there are a few that are really cool. There are oodles of extras available in the My Memories Store, not to mention across the wild web.  Do you have a freebie download that isn't a single image, but a group of images that you really want to break out? Insert it as a photo, then crop to your little hearts content. Easy. 


I wanted to share this with you because I am constantly looking for ways you can create cool stuff, for a minimum amount of cash. The easiest way to make your blog stand out in the sea of everybody else is to have awesome collages.   Everyone can make a general "love it" post, but swank it up a bit...and you will stand out. My Memories is a tool that can help you. It is a little more user friendly than standard office software and was pretty easy to learn.  All of your shortcut commands work, copy, paste and select. You can add shapes like in image #1 and it uses ALL your fonts, which is a must.  I did find that some of the embellishments didn't want to be expanded and gave me a warning message that if I print this, it will be pixelated. Since I was testing this for web use only, I took a gamble and they seem to look pretty good.

You didn't think I would just say hey this is awesome without a little goody? My Memories is giving away this amazing software! So, enter below to win FREE software. Been trying to make blog posts in MS Office? If you win this, blog posts will be easier than pie. All you have to do is go to My Memories and have a look see. Come back here and tell us what you'd use the software for. But wait...

My Memories is also offering you, my lovely readers a discount for $10 off the purchase price of $40 for the My Memories Suite 2.0 and you get an additional $10 coupon for the My Memories Store. Just use coupon code: STMMMS72860

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I think this is a pretty sweet giveaway and you have until Wednesday morning {9/7) to leave your comments!

ready. set . GO!


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**Disclaimer: I was given free software for my review.  If you use the code above to purchase software, I receive a commisision, which will help me buy craft supplies for those DIYs you love so much.  All opinions in this post are mine.