Good morning lovelies! Don't mind me while I race around behind the scenes making little bits of awesome and finishing up some school shopping. I did want to share a little DIY for grown up ice cream floats that I did over on THE SWEETEST OCCASION...

Have you ever had a LAVENDER ICE CREAM FLOAT? I have tried lemon lavender ice cream, but I had never heard of lavender soda until I tried DRY Soda. A company based in Seattle, making the most divine, not too sweet, all natural, only 4 ingredients, soda. It comes in a variety of flavors like cucumber, blood orange, lemon grass and rhubarb. I can say they are all delicious. DRY Soda was one of our sponsors for the Meet & Greet and I was dying to try it out for a float. It was awesome.

The packaging is so pretty, and the soda itself is clear.  How gorgeous would these be at your next event? I highly recommend grabbing some on your next trip to the grocer.

*yes, I got the soda for free for the event, but all opinions and the idea to post this are mine.