Here in Seattle, we are lucky to have an incredible source for party supplies called Display & Costume. It's a giant party store filled with party supplies, craft supplies and costutmery. Not to mention the CRAZY selection of holiday decor. MASSIVE.  Anyhoo, I had been eyeing this floral metallic sheeting for a while and just happened to come upon it in real life on my last scouting of D&C, here is their link.  As luck would have it, I noticed a small bin with scraps. Of course, I couldn't resist scooping it up. It's gold and it sparkles...you know I have little self restraint for such things. We'll be using it in our family NYE party along with the ball chandelier.  I can guarantee that it will be used in a photo shoot sometime in the future.

Directions for use: Buy. Pin or tape to a wall. Take pictures. How's that for easy?

Need another backdrop idea? I love Chelsea's DIY backdrop from tinsel HERE. Her post is much better than this.  She and Mr. Lovely are all adorable in candid shots...I was tempted but then realized I don't do makeup on holiday, and nobody wants to see that.  So, the choice was a simple, single photo to spur your imagination.  Do with it what you will.