Need some holiday hints? Planning a party this weekend and have nothing so far? That's me. "What??? You, the party diy crazy girl, have nothing planned?"  Well, no.  That's not exactly true.  I have ideas floating in my head.  I have notes here and there. But a defined plan...not yet. That's what I'll be doing today. It's really not hard to plan a fabulous bash. 

Let's start you off with a little guest post over on TRIPLE MAX TONS.  Kirsten was sweet enough to ask me to do a little fete inspiration post. I was thrilled! I always get excited when gorgeous blogs even know who I am, let alone want to post something from me...I'm a geek, I know. But her blog is currently at the top of my daily reads. This is just a snippet of the post, you will have to go find the whole thing, and some party throwing hints right HERE.