The world's easiest cheater jam. Take your favorite recipe for jam. Put jam into jars. Skip the canning part.  Wrap with a square of fabric, don't even iron it. Tie a tag that says eat right away with cotton twine.  Bring that day to your friends. 

This is perfect, and I will tell you why.  1. You get fresh jam. 2. Your friends & neighbors get fresh jam. 3. You get to skip the fun canning process. Yay! 


If you are a canner and you say OH MY GOODNESS! She's CRAZY! Yeah, I'm lazy, but the jam is so good it's gone in a few days with the family I have...Canning, schmanning.

Here are some Pear Jam Labels, and Homemade Jam Labels to print. 

The recipe for Pear Vanilla Jam is here. Thanks again, Brianne, for the find!