At long last, I bring you the Holiday Gift Guide. After many days (seriously, this is an issue I need to work on) of organizing these into catagories for a mulitple post, I've decided to give you content en masse.  This way you get it now, while it is still relevant and useable. 

So, without further delay...I give you, "The Hank & Hunt 2011 Gift Guide," a collection of 25 bits and pieces that has a little bit of something for everybody. Just a collection of awesome goodies, I hope it spurs some inspiration for that "tricky" person to buy for. 

FIND IT HERE: 1 ear buds, 2 gumball cookie jar, 3 guide to living colorfully, 4 cake stand, 5 glitter purse, 6 black flatware, 7 iVictrola for iPad, 8 light paint can (seriously click this link), 9 mapmaker storyteller scarf, 10 brevity earrings,  11 neutraface slab blocks, 12 pendant necklace, 13 dachshund butter dish, 14 bag o turtlenecks, 15 sequin scarf, 16 stump de noel bundt cake pan, 17 heart sweater, 18 money clip, 19 rain boots, 20 whale bookends, 21 watch, 22 faux wood tray, 23 wood bangles, 24 color and count placemats, and last but not least, 25 gold playing cards

I hope all your wishes come true this holiday! xo