I forgot to put this up here, because I love to share, but I also like to keep a log of all the places I've been around town...aka the web.  I'm on FOSSIL!!!  Yep, little old me, right HERE.  How cool is that?

You can find me on the FOSSIL.LIFE.STYLE. section under "meet our favorite bloggers."

Me? Really? Aw, Shucks. I also got interviewed on their blog here. Stay tuned, I was asked to do some Holiday DIYs and they are some of my favorites.  I will let you know when they are up!

So, I loved FOSSIL's holiday last year, and this year they have a vintage shop on the site! You can get super awesome vintage wares, I don't know where they found this stuff but a plaid case for roller skates? My favorite is the green movie screen in a box. I think I need it for shoots, right? Finally, something to hang garland on. I'm a nut. I keep going back to look at it...dearest, sweetest, most wonderful Santa, I have been very good this year...