We had a simple little family birthday yesterday and it was wonderful. Of course, I might have waited until half an hour before the party to wrap the present. I want to tell you I NEVER do that. I want to tell you I am a whiz at wrapping presents. I want to tell you I planned this prettiness, but alas, I did not. In reality, I searched my party stash and gift wrap box, last minute, for options.

I had the makings of a modern pretty gift wrap, and it was easier than pie to pop together. The best thing to have on hand these next few months, is solid gift wrap and lots of ribbon. You never know, with the bustle of the upcoming season, when you will forget to buy fete appropriate wrap... ahem. Having simple colors and plain patterns gives you endless options.

I do think that I am in love with black grosgrain ribbon and bright paper. You will find me shopping for some pretty little bright papers this holiday. Happy little accident, great result.